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Where Passion and Craftsmanship Converge

Turning Point Boat Works was started in 2015 as a creative outlet by its founder, Joey Schott. What it has become is a lifestyle devoted to creativity and building boats for extraordinary people. Each boat crafted is as unique as the owner. Great care is taken to bring the owner's vision to life. What makes Turning Point Boat Works different is the freedom to create, not duplicate.


Joey has been building boats since 1999. What started with two kayak kits has evolved into a way of life. The water has always been a part of his life, which makes his talents and understanding of boats unique. His vision is to keep it simple, functional, and elegant. Bringing the craftsmanship of the wooden boat world to the composite kayak industry. His philosophy in business is simple, “Deliver top-notch quality every time and the business will take care of itself”. Having a single-minded focus on quality has evolved into what Turning Point Boat Works has become. His personal philosophy is Stay humble, hungry, and open to learning something”. 

Building the boats is only half of the story. Using them and sharing their passion for the water is the reward. Joey is an ACA L4 Coastal kayak Instructor and loves to teach. The ocean is his sanctuary and loves sharing it with others. Getting lost in the art of paddling is one of his favorite ways to escape. Paddling is a pure activity. It is just you, a boat, and the water. The connection is magical and pure”. His goal is to build the best kayaks possible to help paddlers enjoy the sport and enhance their paddling experience. 


Lesley joined Turning Point Boat Works in 2018. She is the glue that keeps everything running smoothly. While learning the craft, she is also taking care of all of the day-to-day tasks involved in running a small business. Her creative talents can be seen in the imagery on the website and social media. Her role has expanded in 2020 along with the shop and is the force that keeps Joey focused. She is also an ACA Certified L2 Kayak instructor and attends most of the kayaking events along with Joey. 

In the end, it is all about the boats. Each boat is crafted to the owner's desires. The interaction between builder and client is always kept very personal. Clients are treated like friends and their boats take on a life of their own. Built to become a treasured part of each owner's lifestyle. No matter if it is a custom build or a small repair, each client and each boat receives the same attention to detail

TPBoatWorks - Logotype_2color (large) (1) (1).png

215 W 21st Street Suite #1c
Richmond, Virginia 23225

(804) 255-9512

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