Teardrop Campers


What is not to love about the freedom a Teardrop provides? Towed by almost anything with four wheels (and even some two wheelers) and looks stunning too. It is functional art that is rugged, light weight and provides all of the comforts missing from tent camping. We've spent weeks out on the road with the Teardrop and have loved every minute of it.

In true Turning Point style, they are painstakingly constructed to have a fit and finish that is will rival most luxury car brands. Each camper is finished in Automotive Clear Coat to provide the maximum protection and minimal upkeep. 

Chesapeake Light Craft started to offer the Camper a few years ago and it instantly became a top selling kit. It became so popular, that they are now offering finished campers for sale. Turning Point is proud to be the builder of these Teardrops for CLC. 


Teardrop Doors

Attention to detail. The two doors open widely to allow for easy entry and exit. Great care is taken to ensure they are finished inside as well as the exterior. Fit and finish has always been a top priority and it really shows in the fit of the doors. Each door is fit to allow one handed operation.

A roof mounted skylight with fan, create a large amount of airflow that can be adjusted for comfort. 

Each camper is finished in PPG Automotive Clear Coat. It's a eight step process that is buffed for a shine normally seen on custom cars. Yes, you can read the paper in that shine!


    Teardrop Hatch

Joey Schott



A large galley occupies the locker in the rear of the trailer.  While this space could be customized in many different ways......for example.

     - closet space     - tool box 

     - kitchen              - DIY's

     - storage space 


For car-camping or tailgating, this will be a giant improvement over a tent.  No fooling around setting up a tent:  arrive at destination. Park. Open hatch, make some lunch or dinner and Enjoy!!!

            Teardrop Galley


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