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Ordering Process & Pricing

We want this to be fun! We will guide you through the process of selecting the layup, color options and deck rigging design. All you have to do is bring your imagination. Since every boat is built with the paddler in mind, we want the experience to be personal. 

Option: Fiberglass Infusion

Weight: 40 pounds

Cost: $4,950.00 + tax

   We take a combination of different weight E-Glass cloths and orient them for maximum durability. With a Gelcoat finish, we have selected a variety of cloths and fiber orientations to achieve a super tough layup that would be an option by other kayak manufacturers. We add a layer of Innegra to balance the toughness with light weight and infuse it with Epoxy Resin. With a weight at 40 pounds , this layup is more than the average paddler will ever need in terms of toughness. 


Option: Basalt/Innegra

Weight: 36 pounds

Cost: $5,400

   This layup is for the active water paddler or instructor/guide who puts their equipment to the test and paddles in extreme conditions. We utilize S-Glass, which is a civilian derivative of military spec S2 fiberglass cloth. With 30% more strength and stiffness and combined with Innegra, this is a premium fiberglass layup that will take abuse like no other. Like the Fiberglass Infusion layup, it is infused with Vinylester Resin. 

Option: Hybrid Ultraglass Hull/Carbon Fiber Deck

Weight: 36 pounds

Cost: $6,400 + tax


   Take a Fiberglass hull and match it to a Carbon fiber layup deck, you will get the strength of the fiberglass hull and combine it with the stiffness and light weight of Carbon fiber on the deck. If you want it all, light weight and ultimate strength, this layup will give you both. With optional clear coating on the deck to show off the Carbon Fiber, this option will stand out among the competition.

Option: Carbon Lite

Weight: 30 pounds

Cost: $6,900 + tax


   The layup for the paddler wanting the lightest boat possible. We have combined the light weight of Carbon Fiber, with the toughness of Innegra for an ultralight and durable layup. In the past, carbon boats have needed special care when paddling to avoid damage. Not anymore. We have tested this combination and it is simply amazing and durable. 





  • Length: 14 Feet 

  • Beam: 23 Inches

  • Hull Form: Swede

  • Depth at knee: 10 1/4 Inches

  • Depth at rear of cockpit:​ 6 3/4 Inches

  • Designed by- Nick Schade

Included in Options Above 

  • Deck Rigging (choice of color) 

  • Kayak color scheme 

  • Clear Coat Option on Carbon Fiber

  • Custom foam seat included thigh braces

Custom Options/Add ons

  • Keel Strips (choice of color) $250

  • Pump Housing  $150

**Note for the Carbon Layup Options: These boats are infused with Epoxy Resin to realize the full potential of the carbon and require a special gelcoat that bonds with the resin system. The Clear is a specialty coating that is formulated for Epoxy and to show the beauty of the carbon cloth. There are specialty Carbon cloths that are stunning when finished in a Clear finish. These types of weaves can be used.

  • Custom Gelcoat Design *Ask us for a quote

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