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Features and Options 

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The hull design was conceived to perform in all conditions. The chine transitions from a round profile at the bow, to a hard chine at the paddlers hips and then back to a soft chine at the stern. This allows for some volume to be built in the ends while giving the paddler ultimate control with minimal effort. The shallow “V” bottom not only catches waves for some “free propulsion”, it makes for a super maneuverable performance oriented experience. Edging this boat rewards the paddler with tight fluid turns. In the hands of a novice, it encourages development of skils through confidence inspiring handling. In the hands of an experienced paddler, its responsiveness is immediate.  

The hull to deck seam is not done as an afterthought. With all of the effort going into the fit and finish, we wanted the quality to show in the most minor details. Clean sharp lines accentuate the beautiful sheerline of the Petrel Play. 


The deck design takes its cues from tradition. Combining roominess in the cockpit with a low aft deck. The lower profile aft, reduces sail area for the wind and waves to act upon. Layback rolls are easy with the Petrel Play as shown by our Ambassador Nick Oyler.

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The skeg system was carefully designed for years of trouble free operation. The skeg is located off center to prevent it from being packed with debris when launching or landing. We selected the Karitek control for its simplicity and reliability. It is easily adjusted from in the cockpit to fine tune the skeg when necessary. The proprietary design of the skeg is unique. The blade is correctly sized to keep the boat on track when the conditions require, but small enough to be overcome by paddler input. No need to raise the skeg should you need to change direction. What makes this system unique is the orientation of the cable. It does not make a sharp bend like other systems. Instead it runs horizontally into the skeg box and is internally supported to prevent kinking should the skeg encounter something in the water. The operation is so smooth, it will kick up and push the control forward. 

Kajak Sport Performance hatches are made of real rubber. 100 % watertight hatch cover solution is created for the most demanding “expedition” use, when the cover is used in aberrant conditions and when the maximum reliability is essential. The cover is equipped with both inside and outside leash holders. Its material is extremely durable and long-lived. It is also fully UV-protected.

The Day hatch configuration utilizes an “L-shaped” bulkhead. Large enough to handle your necessary supplies, and allows the aft compartment to handle longer items should you want to carry camping supplies along. 


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The deck rigging is what sets the Turning Point boat apart. We use a simple, but elegant solution called “Maroske Fittings”. Originally designed by an amateur kayak builder Gerald Maroske, they have been a favorite of the wood Strip kayak builders for years. A tube is formed in the deck with two openings. There are no fasteners and no intrusions to leak. The deck rigging simply passes in and out and is allowed to move freely. Installing them “post mold” allows complete freedom to be customized. Have a particular rigging scheme in mind? No problem, we can do that! We do insist on having perimeter lines installed for safety reasons though. 


The perimeter line is a high quality, no stretch, line that is easy on the hands. Depending on the deck rigging scheme chosen by the paddler, we will also incorporate an auto-retract feature so they remain taught and allow enough slack when needed.


Outfitting is completely customizable. The Closed Cell foam seat is sculpted for complete comfort. Thigh and hip padding are then sculpted to fit you, for a confidence inspiring yet comfortable fit.  

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An optional pump housing can be installed under deck. Simple, but unobtrusive.

Cost: $150


An optional keel strip can be applied should the paddler desire. Again the same attention to detail is not lost here. Clean and durable.

Check out our Keel Strip Page!!!

Cost: $250

This additional hatch called the "whiskey hatch" is a favorite for the more adventurous kayakers.  A safe and water tight spot to hold your small personal items and keep them in arms reach from the cockpit. 

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Cost: $275

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