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Custom Builds

Custom builds are the foundation of Turning Point Boatworks. This is where the magic happens. The combination of a clients wishes and the ability to make them happen, create a unique craft. Joey's creative mind and can do attitude help bring dreams to reality. The variety of projects ranges from Custom Kayaks, Rowing and sailing boats to Small Power boats and even Teardrop Campers. Featuring designs by Chesapeake Light Craft and and renown designer Nick Schade of Guillemot Kayaks. Each boat is unique and built to exacting standards. There are no shortcuts at Turning Point. The philosophy is they are finished to a extremely high standard, inside and out. 

Strip Built Kayaks


It's all about the details. This kayak was constructed using a single board of Western Red Cedar for the hull and deck sides to ensure a consistent color throughout. The highlight of the deck is the book-matched Quilted Maple center feature that outlined by an alternating pinstripe of Cedar and Maple. All of the deck rigging is "flush" to the deck with no fasteners that would draw the eye away from the natural beauty of the Maple.


The Peeler Skiff

When the idea of taking a traditional, but elegant Peeler Skiff and powering it with an eco friendly electric outboard was presented, the creativity started to flow. The challenge was to conceal the batteries and digital controls that came along with it. The finished result is a boat perfectly suited for cruising the waters of the Potomac River. 


Northeaster & Southwester Dorys

The Northeaster and Southwester Dorys are favorites of the CLC offerings. We've built both. The Northeaster is a fantastic sailing/rowing craft, while the Southwester is the larger sister-ship that rows, sails and can even handle a gas sipping outboard. Each boat is constructed to the owners intended use and finished with attention to even the smallest detail. 


The Annapolis Wherry

The Annapolis Wherry is a favorite among the rowing crowd. We've built five of these amazing craft. Light in weight and deceptively fast in the hands of the average rower, the Wherrys elegant lines are pleasing to watch when out on the water. 



6540 Emmaus Church Road Ste 108

Providence Forge, VA. 23140

(804) 513-7591

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